I hit a solid plateau.  Sept, Oct, & Nov hung at the same weight.  Am so frustrated and tired that I stopped tracking what I was eating.  Got busy with work, however still made time every day to walk at lunch.  Not gaining weight, just not tracking and not loosing. 

Time to rededicate.  Sweetie got me a FITBIT One for (early) Christmas.  I LIKE IT.  Have been using for 1 week now and it does a great job of tracking my activity level.  Steps, stairs, miles, sleep, all of it!

Have to MAKE time to be good to myself and track those calories.  

- These DDD's don't run.  OK, then what can I do?  
- 2 friends have now had some sort of bariatric procedure done and are loosing weight with it.  That is not for me, seems too drastic.
- Thanksgiving at families and ate a TON.  I did not skimp on the bacon for breakfast nor the potatoes and stuffing with dinner.  Sweetie and I took a nice long walk - almost 3 miles before dinner.  I was so stuffed after that I could not move an inch.    Didn't gain.  hmmmm.
 - Christmas time and I have made two batch's of cookies so far.  Enjoying baking, enjoying eating what I bake, still loosing weight.  This ain't so bad!  I ate ONE cookie, not SIX - that is the difference,
- A girlfriend paid me a compliment on FB.  She mentioned that she drove by the house today and only saw 1/2 of me!!  :-)  Am not that far along, but I will accept that she saw 3/4 of me!!  HAH

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