I have suffered with exhaustion for a few years now.  Visited the doc, because that is what you are supposed to do, right??  Took a history and had a blood work up, nothing wrong there....

Sleep study done and they said that I was waking up from REM (sleep hypopnea) but does not appear to be related to interrupted breathing (apnea).  However they prescribed me a breathing machine anyway because that was probably it....  You know, because you are fat and that's usually the problem.  Huh??  OK....  I suppose...

I bought the machine.  Tried it - didn't help.   A friend told me "oh yea, you will notice immediately".  Nope, not getting anything from this.  Changed mask - didn't help.  Changed the style of the mask, changed the size, changed the fit - nope.  Changed settings on the  machine, increased the pressure, decreased the pressure - didn't help.  Changed, changed, changed.  2 years, ya know what??  
Apparently it's not a FLIPPING breathing problem!!

Visited more docs, consulted specialists, was poked and prodded, had tests done, scopes, and scans.  Nope, nothing wrong we can find.

So, I sat myself down with my best doctor - myself.  I did some research online.  I read and reviewed the notes that I keep about therapies that were tried.  Read and thought about how I felt, when, and why.  

And something occurred to me.  I have aches and pains.  yup - don't most folks as they age and have USED their body??  
 - I have an old injury to my shoulder that surgery made 90% better, but it's not 100%.  It hurts, it pangs, and when I lean or lay on it??  It really hurts.  
 - I have bursitis in my hip.  yup, a repetition problem that pains me sometimes.  The doc recommends that I sleep with a pillow between my knees.
(btw - YES my primary doc knows about these & more)

Wonder, perhaps, just maybe, these aches and pains are waking me up at night?  Perhaps, just as I fall into my most relaxed REM, something decides that it's a good time to PANG, waking me up?  hmmmm, maybe.

So what can I do to check this theory?  An ache's & pain killer would seem to be appropriate??  Not just any pain killer though - one that won't keep you awake as some can (ya that would help), or become "used" to so the effectiveness wears off.  That night I took one, low dose, acetaminophen.  


That night I slept, dreamed and remembered that I dreamed   I NEVER remember my dreams except when I am sleeping hard and feel really rested in the morning.  Rested is not the word for how I felt in the morning.  

I felt AWAKE.  

Now, maybe this was a fluke.  Have had the occasional night of rest...  Tried it again the next night with similar results.  and again.  Hmmph.  I think I need to visit my doc and have a chat....

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