What is this "preparedness"?  
What are "preppers"?  
Why would anyone need to "prepare"?  
Is it religious? Is it hype?  
There are TV shows about everything - Doomsday Preppers to Hoarders that could all be clumped under this category of NUTS!

Preparedness is for me, personally, to take responsibility for myself and my family.  To do and have whatever I can imagine I would need should something go wrong.  

My idea of realistic scenarios to be prepared for are:  Car Trouble, Hurricane, Storm damage, power outage, and long term unemployment.

Start with the every day, basic car trouble.  My trunk has a few things I consider essential.  We have two kids.  There are bottles of water that are rotated into the house regularly, favorite munchies, & toys - all to keep everyone occupied if I need to....  change a tire, or patch a radiator hose, or...  Oh & yes, I can do these things and more to keep my car on the road.

RL (Real Life) Example:  Driving home to LA from Vegas with kids in the car.  Have a serious blow out on a tire from metal on the road.  I can not get clear of the road by more then a foot and the trucks are flying by on I-15.  The flat is on the highway side of the car.  I am not getting out there to change it myself and I would rather not destroy the rim by driving on it.  When you are North of Barstow and South of Vegas - it takes awhile to get a truck or officer out there to provide traffic control.  
Had a good tank of gas to run the AC.  Water on board, games to distract the kids.  Orange triangle and the like to mark the car so that other vehicles would (hopefully) not hit it.  If a tow truck or officer had not been an option, I would have driven on the rim until I could get someplace clear and then changed the tire. 

RL (Real Life) Example: I struck a deer at high speed on a deserted 4-lane highway late at night. (no kids were with me)  The damage to my car was so bad that even the car battery was damaged and the hazard flashers were not going to last very long.  
Used the cell phone to call Sweetie, but reached his voicemail and left a message.  I knew he was home, just a matter of when he checked his phone.  
Then I called AAA.  Well, my phone battery died while I was on the phone with AAA - they had not yet figured out where I was located (no handy address was visible).  I can plug in the phone charger, but the car battery is fading fast.  This is not good....  wait, I have my Amateur Radio radio in the car (and my license).  If I can get someone else to make the phone calls with one contact - my hazard lights may just make it until help arrives.
There happened to be a few people having a conversation on the local area Repeater.  I interrupted them and explained my plight. They were glad to help!  One called Highway Patrol and got them on the way.  Sweetie also is an amateur radio operator & he was monitoring the local repeater, he told me he had heard my message and was on his way.
Sweetie arrived first & used his cell phone to contact AAA. Highway Patrol arrived five minutes later, first time this officer had been dispatched by HAM radio!  Then the tow truck.

Are you prepared?

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