The basement improvement project that I started 3 years ago while unemployed.  Framed a couple walls - like below the stairs to make a closet then another around the laundry equipment to make a closet. The end of the room with all the utilities, yup, built a wall and added shelving!!  Made it 90% then was re-employed.  Over time have completed some of the other items. Now, JUST need to paint!!!  

Seriously, how hard is it to PAINT THESE WALLS? Oh, I need supplies.  No, everything you need is already here including primer. Well, because stuff is in the way, I would have to move stuff out of the way to paint. How hard is it to MOVE THE STUFF?  Well, you know, rather than moving it from place to place I should just get rid of it!  It's just stuff after all & I don't really need most of it. How hard is it to GET RID OF STUFF??  Oh, ya, that is hard. Well, I could Freecycle some and some is bound to be trash..  Noticing a trend here??  Yup, it's still not done.

Then there are the hooks bought for the wall of the pantry. Grout Sealer for the shower. The motion sensor light for the hall closet to hang. Replacement ceiling fan for the bedroom. The Condensate Pump replacement for the furnace. The list is so long that I can't even write it down.  I can't, it's just... so... hard....  

{{Sigh}} - I have to get busy on these projects. tata for now!

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