Doing it yourself:

We are a family of four with many pets.  The kids are teens now and involved in a lot of activities and even jobs, so are seldom home these days.  They are responsible for their world.  Their room, their laundry, their (shared) bathroom.

I am currently laid off, out of work, pounding the pavement.  So, because I have the most time at the house, keeping it clean falls to me.  Here is how I do it.

Every day, without fail, I clean something.  That's it.  Sometimes it will be 15 minutes, sometimes it will be an hour or even 2.  Every single day, I clean something.  

Every day I clean something different than the day before.  The mood strikes, the area calls, the dust is pouring off, whatever inspires me to clean that area or item, that day.  

I do follow a general outline that works for me:
 - Daily dishes
 - Clean sink area after every load of dishes
 - Daily dirty clothes into the hamper
 - Daily make bed
 - Daily wipe up spills/clean up messes as they happen
 - Daily mail is handled and trash disposed of
 - Bathroom fixtures, rinse sink after use 

 - Once a week sweep / vacuum all floors
 - Once a week laundry
 - Once a week mowing
 - Once a week scrub the bathrooms
 - Trash is taken out on an as needed basis. A little more than once a week as I work to avoid generating trash!

 - Once a month maintenance / fix it item
 - Once a month wipe down door frames & light switches

Scattered in among the other days are things like:
 - Living room, straighten and dust
 - Dining room, straighten and dust
 - Kitchen, spot clean cupboards and appliances
 - Bedroom, straighten and dust

Once a year I look at:
 - cleaning window coverings
 - cleaning windows
 - swapping seasonal clothing
 - thinning books & donating
 - clear clutter out of the house & donate

How do you keep the house presentable?  Or do you??  

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