So, does life ever throw curves at you that could have been avoided if FATE had not nudged things?

- A week or two ago I was on my way to work and felt the pull to stop for a cuppa joe.  I was running late, but...  ok, I have time.  Pulled into my favorite coffee shop and got my cuppa.  Back on the road and a few minutes later I see a certain, very recognizable, car.  My girlfriend!  She had changed lanes in front of me, but she didn't know it was me.  I flashed my high beams, saw her glance in her mirror, I waved & she waved back!  She turned on her signal to pull into a gas station.  I followed suit - always time in life for this! Peg hopped out of her car, came running over and gave me a big Merry Christmas hug.  What a way to start the day.  We chatted a bit and headed our separate ways.  Hope Peg had a great day!  If I had not stopped for coffee, would not have seen her.

- Yesterday I was not going to stop for coffee.  I drove past the exit for my usual coffee.  Something told me to go back and get coffee. Why?? (does anyone else talk to themselves like that?) I can survive without....  I turned around and went back.  There, in the coffee shop getting her morning cup of tea so that she could face a big day ahead was a friend and lady I had been thinking of that very morning.  We chatted for a bit and went our separate ways.  Hope Barb had a great day!  If I had not stopped, would not have seen her.

- This morning I was bound and determined to get that Chuck Roast that I had been intending to fix for dinner the last 4 days!!  So, I stayed home, sauteed the vege's, seared the meat, scraped up the goodness and set it up to simmer all day in the dutch oven.  I am leaving an hour later than usual.  
Then I WAS going to stop for coffee.  I DID stop for coffee, however the coffee I wanted was not brewed.  It would be 4 min, could I wait?  or did I want my old standby?  I would WAIT.  Why did I do that??  I left the coffee shop and drove on my merry way.
At a traffic signal in town I was directly behind a Subaru (we had the green) that was t'd by an oncoming car turning left.  I saw it unfolding, saw the Subaru swerve to the right to give the car more time to "see" her & avoid, no such luck.  Struck and pushed into another car sitting at the cross-road red light.  I stopped traffic behind me with my hazard lights.  Waited for things to settle down then parked my car out of the way & walked over to the driver of the Subaru.  She was upset, her eyes were wide, there was a little of that "what just happened".  She said "I tried to avoid him, I tried".  I held her hand, we talked a bit, it was just an accident, she soon calmed down and gave me a big hug and thank you! Then was ready to start the paperwork when the police arrived.  I gave her my business card as a witness to the accident.  She was NOT going to give it up to the officer.  So I gave a second one to him, & gave him my take on what happened.  Her Subaru is in bad shape, it did not drive away from that hit.  I did not get her name, but I hope her day got better from this morning!  If I had not stopped for coffee, would not have been there for her.

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