Spring was a wild ride.  It stopped with the cold weather back in March.  April, Mother Nature threw in JUST ENOUGH nights in the mid 30's to prevent me from planting my seedlings.  So, they continue to go out onto the porch every day that they can. End of April and only the really cold weather hardy plants are in the ground.  Could have had all of them in!

Summer wow - that was HUMID!!  Late June storm (Derecho) that caused power outages across the entire mid-Atlantic region.  Then the month of July was unbearably humid. I have only lived here a few years but the neighbors tell me that yes, this is an unusually humid summer.

Fall, already??  It is mid August and the heat is gone (knock on wood!)  Today is 75 and beautiful, the house is open and the dogs are outside to enjoy the day.  The temp has not gone below 60 over night yet, however my trees have already coated the yard in yellow leaves and I am seeing tinges of red in the canopy.

What do you think of Climate Change?

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