I have lost 35 pounds, it has taken me 35 weeks.  I have a long way to go but it took me years to get here so I am dedicated to taking years to correct it.  I am in this for the LONG haul.  Be aware - it has AVERAGED out to 1 pound a week, but it has not BEEN 1 pound a week.  Not by a long shot.

My first big idea were to just plain TRACK what I ate. 
Notebook, but wouldn't carry it with me and would forget the details when I sat down to write.
Apps on the pocket computer and liked what they did, but didn't want to be pulling out the phone all the time.  They didn't always have the food I was eating in their log.  
Stopped tracking, started again, stopped again, started again.... After this sputter and restart of tracking (and I LOST WEIGHT while tracking) I decided that I would make an App work, and I would take it out at the breakfast table and at lunch, and in the evening, and log what I ate.  And I did, for a few weeks.  Then I looked closely at what I was actually eating. I settled on LOSEIT for the app - it has Android, Ipod, & Internet access synced.

I know, I know (and have always known) that soda is not helping any but I just could not give it up.  It's only one after all!!  After tracking for awhile and I realized just how many calories and therefor pounds that ONE SODA a day was adding?  Well, there is an open bottle of soda in the fridge that has not been touched in a week or two.  I hope it is bad - but I am just leaving it there!  I don't feel like I have "willpower" - but I open the fridge door and there is Iced Tea, Iced coffee, Milk, Cold & filtered water, 100% Grape Juice, 100% Grapefruit Juice, and that soda.  Which will I pick.  Not that soda, not today, I will save it for tomorrow!  :-)  I just placed a whole bunch of better options in front of it.

I switched to a smaller plate.  That is - I allowed myself to load it up & pile it high, but one plate and the smaller one, not the DINNER plate.

Weekly I will have about 1 pound of salad.  Spinach, carrots, radishes, onions, broccoli, oh my!  I gave up dressing a long time ago.  If I really want some dressing??  I get one true tablespoon of sour cream or guacamole!  If I eat this around 2 or 3 PM, with all that fiber I am good until bed time!

Primarily walking.  When I started - I could feel the endorphin rush from just a 1 mile/30 min walk.  That's how bad I was.  Now, 35 weeks later, it is disappointing when I don't feel anything! Not just endorphin's, but no aches, or tingle, or tired.  PLUS I don't see a budge of the scale the next morning.  Recently walked with the Husky over 4 miles.  We maintained a solid 3mph pace, per MapMyFitness app. I did not feel anything in the legs or arms, not tired nor out of breath (at the end, was walking with friends and holding a conversation) AND the weight didn't budge until 2 days later.  So, I have reached a plateau with exercise - the walking is not enough anymore.  Running is not an option with 48DDD's.  So, gotta look at something else to kick it up a notch.

Oh and do I ever!!  One weekend, Saturday we had company here, sampled while cooking and laid out a feast.  Sunday went to a friends for a gathering, the dinner was lovely and perfect, it was the dessert and the aperitif that did me in.  Monday was a holiday, ya gotta celebrate with food, right??  The scale told me the truth and was up by 5 pounds Tuesday morning.  BUT, I don't want to give up social gatherings!!  I like cooking and I like hanging out with friends darn it.  On Tuesday, what are you going to do, say to HECK with it and give up??  I'm never going to loose it for the long term? It's too hard??
Nope.  If I blow it, I restart at the top of the hour.  One day I had a big candy bar and soda for "lunch"!!  AHHHHH  Instead of saying - puck it - I will restart on... Monday.  I logged that snickers bar and soda and  I reset at the top of the hour and had grilled vege's & steak for dinner.  I was over calories for the day, but it was behind me and not to be repeated, for at least a week.   

That has been hard to get used to and not get frustrated by.  I may have a really good week, but not see a drop for a few days.  Last week I had 4 days in a row where my calories were GOOD.  My exercise was maintained, but the scale didn't budge until 3 days later when it dropped by 3. 
I weigh every morning at the same time.  EVERY MORNING.  I know some say to only do it once a week or periodically, nope for me EVERY MORNING.  It's helps me to not forget that I am working on this.  It helps to set my attitude for the day that this Weight Correction concept is a good one, it is important to me, I will keep at it, and I will succeed.

I have one girlfriend using the same app and we are linked through it.  I know she is eating and exercising but is not always logging (hmm sounds familiar)  I have a group of friends in a FB group and we are all working it and posting occasionally.  On one of the apps I tried, had folks reach out to me to form a network and I was agreeable.  Then one lady sent me this really obnoxious message about "you never post" and "how would you ever expect to get anywhere if you won't contribute daily to the group"...  ya, OK, disconnected from that one and left that app in the dust!  LOL  Just recently have reached out to a few people on the app that I am using.  Would prefer to hook up with folks that are in a similar weight category but even if not, that's fine too.  So far, so good.  One comment prompted me to write this post - so good has come from it already.

Improve on the app!  I know that apps are a work in process.  Apps as a whole are just getting their sea legs under them.  There are three or four food items in the house that I use, but they are not in the database.  I have the packages sitting next to me and I am going to add them!!  So that I am not using a "close enough" anymore but the real thing.  I am also going to draft a review to let the developers know what works and does not work for me.

Research exercise!  Something I can do at home with no equipment and little time and yet improve on what I have been doing.  Or maybe I can add it to our walks.  It's hard to stop and change speed or direction with a herd of 4 dogs - they want to go!!!  A girlfriend has 2 recumbent bikes and she has asked if I would be interested in riding with her.  I said yes, but there has been no follow up.  I think I will follow up!

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